Important - Student Information Update

School Information Update


Alberta Education requires our parents to review their student’s contact information including address, email, phone numbers, emergency contacts and health information to ensure that it is up to date.

Follow the steps below to complete the form:

1.  Log onto your PowerSchool Parent Portal or click the PowerSchool Tab on our website.  Forms are not accessible from the Mobile Powerschool App.   If you have forgotten your username or password, please click the Forgot Username or Forgot Password link.

 2. Once you have logged in, scroll down and click SchoolEngage  ****If you are using a mobile device you will see a small side arrow at the top by your child’s name, click this to access the following menu (see below).

3.  Click on students and it will open a list of your children within your Parent Portal Account.  Please review and update this form for each of your children.

4.  Click on the blue link button to open the Student Information Update form, please be accurate while checking the information within the form to ensure our data is correct.

  • For example, if a day phone is actually a cell phone, please make that correction in the Student Update Form.
  • If a work phone is missing and you would like to provide it, please make that change in the Student Update Form.
  • If your email address is incorrect or you no longer use one that is listed, please make the change in the Student Update Form.


If you are interested, you can watch the video with the link below for step by step instruction on how to fill out the update.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Review of this form is mandatory by each family in our division.